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kiexStudio is a comlex of working spaces, tables, desks and workstations, where we realize our ideas, and they are different (believe it or not). We need creative and clear people, to expand our knowledge and create new projects. This project is supported by kiexStudio. Don't think that we are closed company, you can join us just registering at our site. If you want to be a part of studio, write at forum (//hang-over.ucoz.ru/forum/21).
Hang-Over is our main project which is manualy presented on this web-site. It is a hard game Modification and the conception takes place on Half-Life engine ( The main idea is to create a new story line, new characters, and a new problem to solve. This new story isn't a new sequel or continue of original Half-Life.
The main hero is named Jack Hang, and he has a friends Vladimir AP(also known as Ushanka), Cris Mainternel and Emmanuel Figdes, they both are Delta Research Complex employers. Other details can't be told before time.
If you can and want to take part in this project, please join us (//hang-over.ucoz.ru/index/3-0-0_2). Everything is decided on the forum (//hang-over.ucoz.ru/forum/). Esspecialy we need coders and people's voices, to record new characters speech.
RRBiM - Reconstructing Real Buildings into Maps. It is a "buro", where mappers and cartographs develope maps for virtual reality, using real blueprints from real objects, buildings, landscapes. Thought the most interesting is process of getting real scales and blueprint of objects by your self, that can be done even in company, where eveyone knows each other or they want to spare their time toghether.
If you have any advices or methods of how you do this, please join our project. We can accept your job if you only draw blueprints and nothing else. If you think that your blueprint is crazy or abnormal, then you found exactly that place, that you need (//hang-over.ucoz.ru/forum/15).
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